David Pace, Postum and the Three Nephites

The following recently appeared in 15 Bytes:

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When he’s not busy raising money for Repertory Dance Theatre or editing 15 Bytes’ literary content, David Pace pounds away at his laptop, tablets and phone, writing his own fiction and essays. After two decades of writing and re-writing a novel manuscript, Pace is anticipating the publication of his first novel, Dream House on Golan Drive (Signature Books) this June. Along with Maxmillian Werner, Pace will be reading from his work at the City Art Reading Series this Wednesday, January 13 at the Salt Lake City Main Library.
15B: What is your novel about?

Pace: It’s a coming of age story about a kid growing up in Provo during the 70s and 80s. And yes, the kid is Mormon. In fact he comes from a sprawling family that, when the novel opens, has just moved into a new home up on the bench in a (fictitious) development called “Golan Heights,” after the contested area on the Syria/Israeli border. At City Art, I’ll be reading Chapter 2 ,which was recently published in Dialogue journal under the title “The Postum Table.”


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