Short Stories

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American Trinity

Winner of Best of Dialogue Award
Winner, Best Short Fiction, Association for Mormon Letters 

Dialogue Journal (2011)

“The other two are more patient than I am. They bide their time. What’s worse, Jonas is always telling me that I am shirking my duty. I haven’t talked to him in over a century. Hundred and fifty years the last time I talked to Kumen. Even though I have returned to my mission of wandering and ministering, both would insist I’ve lost the spirit of the assignment. I avoid them now. I was just coming out of the Empire Theatre in Old New York when I last talked to Jonas. Word must have gotten out. Like myself, Jonas was dressed as a patron in tuxedo and gloves. Courtly old Jonas. “I like the collapsible opera hat,” I told him. “Nice touch.” More

Listen to a reading of an earlier version of the story by professional actor/director Ron Frederickson at the Sunstone Symposium here sunstone-purple-2x



ellipsis…literature & art, 2013

“During a reprieve, he lay exhausted and sweating back on the bed, his T-shirt twisted at the bottom, sticking to his back. Outside the window is a single dogwood in full blossom, flooded by the high-crime outdoor lights of the hotel. When he got here earlier this afternoon for his layover, the tree caught his eye as he stood at the window and stepped out of his uniform. In the late-afternoon light, the 20-foot tree stood in effulgent, heart-rending white—like an empty wedding gown.

“Now, the tree still bathed in light at 1 a.m., Danny begins to suspect that it knows of nothing but this: it is on perpetual display, blooming alternately under sun and street lights outside the window.” MORE (under “David Pace” in the left menu)