American Moment: Invitation from President-Elect Obama Nov. 2008

In 2008 the President-Elect invited supporters from his prodigious social media community to reflect on this “American Moment” and to submit it to his organization. Here below is my little response to the soon-to-be commander-in-chief.   I campaigned many long hours, donated money, and engaged in myriad conversations with friends, …

DREAM HOUSE listed as a “Good Summer Read” by Continuum Magazine

“As you sit by the pool or under a shade tree this summer, why not pick up a book written by one of our own? These University of Utah grads and profs have written about everything from their personal experience with dating to the history of tequila.”


Geez…maybe I should renew my membership to UofU Alumni.

Thanks to Continuum Magazine for listing DREAM HOUSE ON GOLAN DRIVE as a “good summer read.”

Proud to be a graduate of the University of Utah (Class of 94, MA) and to be listed along with Paul Ketzle and his debut novel THE LATE MATTHEW BROWN.