Review: The Power of Religious Legend (The Utah Review)


In this lengthy review Les Roka references “American Trinity,” Pace’s first published short story and narrative precursor to Dream House on Golan Drive.

“The sense of this unique, strange place of Utah and Mormonism is elucidated with conviction and accuracy….Dream House on Golan Drive is an important novel that deserves the serious attention of any reader, regardless of connection to Mormonism or to any other faith. It is recommended especially for those who are trying to reconcile their spiritual conscience with a church whose decisions and public actions not only have triggered deep reservations about their community but also who see their own experience of family love and life as quintessentially superior in their spiritual and faith identity as a Mormon.” Read the entire review.


Follow up in Utah Review’s 2015 year-end survey of notable works emblematic of The Utah Enlightenment. Read citation.

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