The Utah Enlightenment: Dream House Gets a Nod


THE UTAH REVIEW continues to cover Utah culture with astute observations under the direction of Les Roka, who has the stamina of the marathon runner.

I was honored to be included as the author of Dream House on Golan Drive in this survey of notable entries in what the Review calls “The Utah Enlightenment.”

“There was a lot to celebrate in 2015 with the Utah Enlightenment, a creative movement where courage defines some of the state’s most interesting and independent artists. Indeed, the Enlightenment disturbs and disrupts the peculiar Utah penchant to be civil and docile or to be content with platitudes and pleasantries. Artists are reclaiming Utah’s unique spaces for sincere, healing and intelligent purposes, driven to rediscover a pioneering spirit unrestricted by the practices of those who would prefer two narratives that confuse, mislead or manipulate connections to the place we know as Utah. They are consistently fresh voices, effectively melding tradition with new perspectives and practices.

“There are a few moments that stand out as important markers of the Utah Enlightenment, as we approach 2016.” More

Courageous artistic expression underscores memorable moments of Utah Enlightenment in 2015

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